The "Read the Label" assembly program was designed to inspire elementary school-aged children to learn about Nutrition through Reading and take a more active role in their own health. We've all seen the statistics and realize that we've got a serious problem developing that needs immediate attention. Wayne from Maine has turned his writing abilities in a new direction, focusing on nutrition and reading. There's brand new songs like "Read the Label", "I'm so Hungry", and "Growing your Mind, along with old favorites like "Pencils" and "One Ton Tomato", "All These Fruit" and of course, "Vegetables".


Wayne along with percussionist, JimmyJames, the "KoongaBoonga Man", invite volunteers on stage to play various instruments or sing into a wireless microphone. All musical selections are either about NUTRITION or READING. Several new skits have been added as well. Students are asked to read the label from a few common household products,"Vinnie the Varmit" needs help taking his medicine and of course the "Stomach and the Brain" skit will get everyone laughing. The show is a fast paced "Edu-Taining experience. Our target audience is elementary school students. Our goal is to open up dialog between parents and kids and start them thinking about the choices they make regarding their diet. Download a one-page brochure for your files.

A pre-assembly work sheet is available to all students prior to the scheduled "Read the Label" assembly program. It is designed to get kids looking at labels with their parents and plant a few seeds. Also a fun Coloring Sheet is available for immediate download.

Wayne from Maine

Letters of Recommedation: All downloads are in PDF format.