Wayne and Two Jimmys
FireHouse Theatre Sept. 2005
A "Four-Eyed" Friend after the Show
Rockin' to "Rocks in my Head"
Phillip and Wayne in Winthrop July 04
Andrew Listening to WFM in the car
Micah, Dad and the Boys in Hamden, CT
Andrew with his new T-Shirt
Somersworth 2003 w/Ashley, Allie, and Mikayla
Can I have a bite of that cookie ?
Jimmy James the Koonga Boonga Man
Jimmy James the KoongaBoongaMan
"Live" on WERS the Playground Boston
The "Waynettes"
"Clark,Clark, the toothless Shark"
Wayne w/ SandPippers
Hannah And ?
Music to Dine By
Bailey The Boy
Luke Boogies to the Tunes
Do we have to Smile ?
Brittany Who ?
A Young Britany Spears
A Star is Born
"Little Red Dog"
I Like Pencils Better than Pens
My Turn....
Now you're own the right trail
Wayne, Can I sing with you ?
It's OK to make Mistakes

Who's the oldest ?

I love you TWO..