Clam Lyrics

Moose in Moosachusetts
The day the moose got loose in Moosachusetts
Everybody was amazed
How could a moose get loose in Moosachusetts
The strangest things happen these days

She gave them a thrill up on Beacon Hill
Whenshe jogged along the cobblestones
Thought she'd never survive Along Storrow Drive
Cuz she was so far from home such a long long way to roam
Everybody stopped to stare out at Harvard Square
When she pulled up a seat at the juice bar
Could I please have a juice for this thirsty moose
She's been jogging cuz' she doesn't have a moose car

And they all had a ball back at Faneuil hall
When she stopped for a bite to eat
she gave em' a shock down at Plymouth Rock
They jumped right out of they're seat

And they didn't know what to say along Buzzards Bay
Cuz' they'd never seen such a sight.
A strange thing to see on old route number three
Is a moose heading south in daylight
Everybody was agape down on the cape
When she jumped into a swimming pool
He finally turned around down in Provincetown
Where everyone thought she was cool
She was cool as a moose at high tide


All these fruit
Give a raspberry to your friend harry
Pick a pomegranate before you visit your aunt.
Go tell helen bout the watermelon
Have a couple of pairs befor you climb the stairs.

A bunch of banana for' you go to savannah
A cantaloupe before you hit the slope
Munch a mango when you do the tango
Eat a peach on the beach.

All these fruit won't make you wealthy
All these fruit won't make you wise
All they do is keep you healthy
So you can live a longer life

A couple of grapes keep you right in shape
Lemon and lime make you feel so fine
An apricot really hit the spot
Find a fig before you do a jig
A case of clemintines keep you right in line
A pair plums never leaves no crumbs
Do a date make you feel so great
Never had papaya, Comon' give it a try-a

Give some kiwi to your friend peewee
A shiny mac to your uncle jack
A nectarine keep you nice and lean
Chew a honey dew before you buckle your show
Bridge and chorus


The Nothing Song
This song is not about you or me
This song is not about A,B,C.
This song is not about 1,2,3.
This song is all about nothing.

This song is not about purple or plaid
This song is not about mom or your dad
This song is not about the time that you had
This song is all about nothing

If you like the nothing song
Jump right in and join along
Don't have to worry can't do anything wrong
When your singing the nothing song

This song is not about the fish in the sea
This song is not about a bird in a tree
This song is not about a busy bee
This song is all about nothing
This song is not about pencils or pens
This song is not about family and friends
This song is not about chickens and hens
This song is all about nothing


One Potato Two Potato
One potato two potato three potato four
Come on in and close the door
Five potato six potato seven potato eight
Hurry up and don't be late.
If you catch the potato man You better have a potato plan
Once he's in your potato hand Don't let him slip away.
If you see a potato gal
Be sure to make her your potato pal
You can call her potato sal
But don't let her get away
If you score a potato kid
You might ask what that potato did
You'll never know where that potato hid
So don't let em' run away
Sometimes you'll find a potato bud
On your hands and knees down in the mud
You can call that potato spud
But don't let em' peel away
If you find a potato skin
You might ask where that potato's been
He'll jump back behind that potato bin
Don't let em' get away
If you run into the potato guy
Please don't mention potato pie
You might make that potato cry
He'll surely run away

There's no place I'd rather be
Than M.A.I.N.E.

Maine is good Maine is great
Maine has got to be my favorite state
There's no place I'd rather be
Than M.A.I.N.E.

Maine's got an ocean Maines got beaches
Maine's got apples for the teachers
Maine's got tatters Maine's got tots
But that's not all that Maine has got

Maine's got rivers Maine's got mountains
Maine's got parks with water fountains
Maine's got ponds and Maine's got lakes
Maine's got moose and Maine's got snakes
Just the little ones they're o.k.
Maine is fun Maine is fine
Maine has got to be the finest kind
From kittery to caribou
The grass is green the sky is blue

Maine's got flowers and Maine's got gardens
Maine has evan got mount Katadin
Maine's got lobsters Maine's got clams
Maine's got cows and Maine's got lambs
M.A.I.N.E. M.A.I.N.E.
There's no place I'd rather be
Maine is good Maine is great
Maine has got to be my favorite state
There's no place I'd rather be
Than M.A.I.N.E


What kind of shoes does your daddy wear when he goes off to work?
Are they shinny and brown, square-toed or round ?
Polished or covered with dirt ???
Some dads wear army boots, all dressed up in their suits
Some dads like laces or zippers
I once knew a dad who was perfectly glad
To go off to work in his slippers

Sneakers, sandals any pair Snowshoe, no shoe I don't care
Leather, rubber whatever's good some dad's some dad's shoes
are made of wood

Some day when you are grown with a family of your own
You might have to work for your money
What kind of shoe will you put on
And walk around in all day long
Will they be sensible or funny.

Old shoe new shoe any size Shoe to boat Shoe to fly
Shoe to work shoe to play Whatever you choose to wear it's o.k.
People might snicker but you won't hear it
Cuz if the shoe fits you got to wear it

A Horse of a different color

It's a horse of a different color
A horse of a different kind
That ol horse can change colors faster
Than you can change your mind.
I was walking down the sidewalk
When I heard a funny sound.
What I found when turned around
I was being followed by a horse of brown...
The Brown horse started running
And jumped right over my head
When he hit the ground that horse of brown
Suddenly turned to red
Now a red horse trotting in the cornfield
Is the funiest thing I've seen.
When I blinked my eyes to my surprise
That red Horse had turned to green....
Now a green horse running in the green grass
Is a truly funny site
In great suspense when he jumped the fence
That green horse just turned to white
Now a white horse is a fine thing
I'd like to have one or two.
Down on the farm out behind the barn
That white horse turned to blue
Now a blue horse is a strange thing
No matter what you think.
When I saw him again comin' round the bend
That Blue horse turned to pink....
The pink started dancin' his shoes went clickity clack
That horse of pink he gave me a wink
A thankfully turned to black


When a fuzzy little fly goes buzzin' by
You wish you had your swatter
You're out in the desert and throat is dry
You need a big glass of Water

When you're sittin' in the diner and the waiter says
What would you like to order
Say you can't decide but in the mean-time
Could I Please have a glass of water

Water is a drink from the kitchen sink
That's wetter and better than pop
If they stack all the drinks up accordin' to rank
Water would be on the top.
King of the hill, top of the heap
And the price for water is cheap

As we all Know that water was made
For so much more than drinkin'
If you couldn't take a shower
or you couldn't take a bath
Man this place would be stinkin'

Water is a drink that will make you think
Clear as a bell that rings
To feed the plants or wash your pants
its better than anything
It's pure it's natural it's low in calories

When the sun beats down on a summer day
And you keep getting hotter
You can jump in the river
Go jump in the lake
Into a cool pool of water

Water is the best from east to west
To make your garden grow
To irrigate you don't have to wait
Just turn on the h20
It's a gas , it's solid and comes in liquid too...

If you thinks it's swell then you better tell
Every son and daughter
If you gotta' get wet it's Your best bet
Cuz' theres nothin' better than water.
Cool clear water

I remember one Sunday it started to rain
It fell on Monday , Tuesday as well
Wednesday came it was more of the same
The rivers and streams were starting to swell

Thursday and Friday hoping for a dry day
We didn't have a paddle we were up the creek.
I guess you could say on Saturday
Seven days of rain makes one week

Hey Mr. Rainman go catch a train man
You've worn out your welcome and we're sorry to say
Hey Mr. Rainman don't be a pain man
You can come back again some other day

Hey Mr. Rainman hop on a plane man
Go take a long vacation down in Mexico
Mr. Rainman go down the drain man
Don't even pack a bag just go man go

It was sunny on Sunday so we went for a drive
And Monday and Tuesday not a cloud in the sky
Wednesday came it was more of the same
All the rivers and streams were getting kinda' dry
Thursday and Friday we were hoping for a drop.
Enough to wet our whistle and then the rain could stop
But Saturday was bright, sunny and hot
A nice cool rain would really hit the spot

So Mr. Rainman you are my main man
Won't you come and hang out for a little while
Say Mr. Rainman I think that its plain man
If you pay us a visit it would make us smile

So Mr. Rainman ,. Please pull the chain man
I made a mistake and I'm changing my tune
Oh Mr. Rainman please Mr. Rainman
We need a little rain man real soon

Rain rain go away come again some other day
But please don't go to far away
So you can hear us when we say

Happy as a Clam
Straight as an arrow clear as a bell
Clean as a whistle in a wishing well
Strong as an ox stubburn as a mule
Cool as a cucumber sitting on a stool
Fit as a fiddle silly as a goose
Quiet as a mouse on the tail of a moose
Sharp as a tack crazy as a loon
Nutty as a squirell on a big full moon

We use these words to express and explain
The funny pictures running round in our brain
So if you let it out before it slips away
I hope you have something good to say

Pretty as a picture skinny as a rail
Free as a bird riding on a whale
Soft as feather quick as a whip
Hot as a canon on a battleship

Happy as a clam sly as a fox
Stiff as a board in a cardboard box
Slower than molasses busy as abee
Silly as a seagull in the sicamore tree