Lyrics to Jungle Album


Just another day in the jungle

Monkey Climb the banana tree

He wait for hi/s friend the chimpanzee

When he arrive swinging on the vine

Everything's doing fine

Tiger watch with his tiger eye

He wait for lady tiger to come by

He claw and he scratch on the coconut tree

Oh where in the jungle can she be ?

Just another day in the jungle

A day like any other day

Just another day in the jungle

When the animals come out to play

Family of snake lying in the sun

Down by the river where the cougar run

Baby hippopotimi taking a bath

The monkey all had to laugh


Zebra chasing orangutan

Cobra polishing long white fang

Lizard and leopard awake from their nap

Right on time for a snack


Just another day in the jungle

A day like any other day

Just another day in the jungle

When the animals come out to play


The Bridge.

The bridge goes up and the boats go under

Out of the harbor to the open sea

The bridge comes down and the cars rollover

Buzzing along like busy little bees

Hustle bustle everybody's in a rush

See the jet Plane in the air

Hurry flurry everybody scurry

We're all in a hurry to go nowhere


Hanky-panky everybody's cranky

Go so fast they can't slow down

Chitter-chatter what does it matter

All we do is go round and round


Clickity-clacky everybody's wacky

Hear the choo-choo coming down the track

We can't wait to get where we're going

And then we Can't wait to get back



Digital Dance

Zero was looking in the mirror

One was chewing her bubblegum

Two was trying to buckle his shoe

Three was studying her history

Four was slippin' and slidin' On the floor

You better listen up

Cuz there's a whole lot more


Five was happy to be alive

Six was doing tricks With a popsicle stick

Seven was dancin' with her old friend eight

And Number nine was carrying a funny old sign

That said: pick out a number and take a chance

Cuz Its time to learn about the digital dance


They did digital dance

When someone asks me

I won't fidget

Cuz' I know every single digit

In the digital dance


Zero was sittin in the corner

Felt like he didn't have any friends

Number one was sure when she crossed the floor

When they got together they would make ten

When one and zero went out The door

The joint was jumpin' and they started to roar

Two shook three and said,"listen to me"

Its time to put away your history

Five was jivin' with a fine little four

They did the digital dance all over the floor

Seven and six were getting their kicks

Watchin' eight and nine at the end of the line

In the digital dance



When you wake up in the morning

Jump out of bed Rise and shine

Funny old dreams ringing in your head

Rise and shine

Rise and shine Shine and rise

The world looks brighter

When you open your eyes

It'll make you feel fine

Every time rise and shine

Boys and girls Girls and boys

Rise and shine

Fill the house with a joyful noise

Rise and shine

Cocoa cheerio and cap'n crunch

Rise and shine

Grilled cheese and macaroni for lunch

Rise and shine




I love you one I love you two

I love you three I love you forever

I love you five, six, seven, eight

I really think you're great

I love you nine I love you ten

Let's start it all again.


Little Star

Little star how you shine

I'm so glad that you're mine

From your home up above

You came along to share your love

Little star you're in my heart

And now I know we'll never part

Sending light from afar

You will always be my

Little star

Written for Thomas Dylan Haney



I like broccoli I like peas I like spinach

Pass the onions please

Give me more potatoes and a little more corn

Pile up the peppers till the last one's gone

Vegetables, vegetables I love vegetables

Mama went shopping the other night

Took a long time but that's alright

Bought a lot of cabbage and a box of beans

The biggest darn tomatoes that you've ever seen

Vegetables, vegetables I love vegetables

I like them steamed and I like em' fried

They're great when they're raw

And they're ok dried

You can bake em' in the oven

All covered with cheese

In a casserole bowl full of carrots and peas

Vegetables, vegetables I love vegetables

Take away the pie and you can take the cake

But don't touch the cauliflower on my plate

I'm not afraid at night to take a walk in the park

I eat so many carrots, I can see in the dark

Vegetables, vegetables I love vegetables



Little people have a lot to say

Each one can tell you in their own special way

If you give them a minute of your precious time

You won't be disappointed

Little people have a point of view

That's clean and fresh as the morning dew

If you open your hearts along with your mind

You won't be disappointed

Some of my best friends are very small

But that just suits me fine

Some of my best friends are two feet tall

But they don't seem to mind

Help them out and show them that you care

If you take a little time to lend them your ear

You won't be disappointed


Little people have feelings too

Sometimes their happy someday their blue

If you don't expect them to grow up just like you

You won't be disappointed


Five Beans

Five little beans on my plate

One had to fly so he said goodbye

The others all rolled on the floor

Land sakes alive I used to have five

But now I've got only ????? Four

Four little beans four beans on the floor

One ran away went outside to play

The rest all jumped on my knee

I know for sure I used to have four

But now I've got only ????? Three

Three little beans three beans on my knee

We all had to laugh one jumped in the bath

The others slid down to my shoe

Oh mercy me I used to have three

But now I've got only ????? Two

Two little beans two beans on my shoe

One needed a drink and dove into the sink

The other climbed up on my thumb

I used to have two beans on my shoe

But now I've got only ???? One

One lonely bean one bean on my thumb

He looked a little sick so I gave him a flick

And now I'm left here with ????? None

No little beans no beans to be seen

There's no one around I guess I'll go lay down

And dream about my little beans



Little ol' plant was all by himself

Alone in the corner high on the shelf

No one seemed to know he was alive

He was mighty thirsty he was high and dry

No one noticed as they passed by

He sat there wondering' if he would survive

He heard the plip plop of the rain drop

Fallin' off the rooftop

Sat there wishin' he could go outside

When the plip plop of the rain stopped

His little heart dropped

If he had the strength he probably would have cried

His little branches were hangin' down Tiny green leaves all turned brown

All he really needed was a little drink

He was lookin' bad he was feelin' week He was so darn tired that he fell asleep

And dreamed somebody put him in the sink

He felt the plip plop of the raindrop

Fallin of the rooftop

And he awoke much to his surprise

He felt the plip plop of a raindrop

Fallin' off the rooftop

Cuz' a little friend had carried him outside



Little peachy pony loves her macaroni

Eats it with bologna without any bread

Ketchup in the middle mayonnaise on the side

Little peachy pony can never decide

Little peachy pony never is alone

She can't be on her own cuz she's too small

Little peachy pony can't use the telephone

She doesn't have no money

Cuz she spent it all.......



Clean up your room

Pick up your clothes

Put your toys in a box

And wipe that runny nose

Wash your dirty face

You got your mother in a flap

The little hand on the clock

Say's its time to take a nap

Too many things to do

Too many things to do

All these chores keep spoiling my day

Too many things to do

Too many things to do

After all the work is done

There's no time left to play

Put your dishes in the sink

Take off those muddy shoes

Hang your coat up on the rack

And come in for a snooze

Call in the dog

Put your wagon in the shed

Don't forget to brush your teeth

Before you go to bed



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