Man in the Moon Lyrics

1.One Ton Tomato

2. Clark

3. Bugs

4. Baby Blue Ball

5. Twinkle

6. Red Dog

7. Four Eyes

8. Pencils

9. Ride

10. Man in the Moon



One ton tomato Up next

A one ton tomato is taller than a full grown man

A one ton tomato's so big you can't squeeze it in your van

A one ton tomato can't be sent by mail

Cuz' a one ton tomato is bigger than a baby whale

It was so big they brought it home in a truck

When the driver dropped in the yard he said "good luck"

You could him laugh as he drove away

When he got to the doughnut shop for coffee

you could hear him say.....


Late that night by the light of the moon

the little man ran to the yard with a fork and spoon

when the sun came up the very next day

all the neighbors stood around in a circle

and you could them say

He ate a one ton tomato

Lyrics by Wayne Read


Up Clark (the toothless shark) next

Clark clark the toothless shark Never smiles till after dark

He waits till the other sharks swim away Before he goes out to play

His very best friends were a jellyfish A one-clawed lobster and a carp

He liked them all alot but his biggest wish Is to swim with all the other sharks.


One sunny day he was swimming by himself When he heard a distressful shout

He swam to the surface to have a look around To see if he might help out.

After pondering the situation He knew what he had to do for sure

He swam up beside the little girl she grabbed his fin

And gave her a ride to shore


The people on the beach couldn't believe their eyes

They were jumpin' up and down everywhere

Clark turned around to have one last look

You should have heard the people cheer

They were singing



up Bugs, bugs, bugs next

Bugs, bugs, bugs keep on buggin' me

Got a fly on my thigh and a flee on my knee

If those bugs, bugs, bugs don't stop buggin' me

I'm gonna' put em' in a box with a bunch of rocks

And throw them out to sea.


When I sat down for a late night snack

I didn't expect to see

A great big moth on the table cloth

Lookin' right at me

By the time I got the swatter he flew across the room

When I saw him crawl high on the wall

I ran to get the broom


Bugs, bugs, bugs Keep on buggin' me

Got a fly on my thigh and a flee on my knee

If those bugs, bugs, bugs don't stop buggin' me

I'm gonna' lock em in a pail with a bunch of snails

And throw away the key

I'm gonna' put em' in a box with a bunch of rocks

And throw em' out to sea.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. BZZZZZZZZ.


Up Baby Blue Ball Next

I threw a baby blue ball out my window

It rolled off the roof and on to the lawn

It rolled through the bushes and on to the street.

It went Bounce, Bounce, Bounce around the corner

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce all day long

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce over the rainbow

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce then it was gone.

It rolled around the block and on to the bridge

It fell off the bridge and on to a boat

An old sea captain was sailing his sloop

The baby blue ball splashed into his soup

It went Splash, Splash, Splash all over the place

Splash, Splash, Splash all over his face

Splash, Splash, Splash all over the place.

He tossed that ball right out of his dish

Right into the mouth of a fish.

With his brand new secret he could not keep

So he swam to the bottom way down deep

He went down down down deep in the ocean

Down, Down, Down deep in the sea

Down, Down, Down deep in the water

Where oh Where can my baby ball be.


On his way down to the bottom

He swam into a little problem

Where the ocean is deep it get's real dark

And hiding in the rocks was a great big shark.


So he Swam, Swam, Swam so he wouldn't get eaten

Swam, Swam, Swam just out of reach

Swam so fast he flew out of the water

Into the air and on to the beach.


One summer day I was digging in the sand

Something round and blue rolled into my hand

I couldn't leave it just lying there

So I tossed that ball right into the air

And It Bounced, Bounced, Bounced around the corner

Bounced, Bounced, Bounced all day long

Bounced, Bounced, Bounced over the rainbow

Bounced, Bounced, Bounced then it was gone.


Up Twinkle NextHi I'm Twinkle the Little star

Twinkle twinkle the little star Fell to earth and bought a car

With sun glasses on and the top rolled down He went for a ride in tinseltown

The children saw him go whizzing by And they pulled him over to ask him why

He Didn't stop when the light was red And this is what little twinkle said:

Where I come from all the lights are green

We fly over and under and in between

We never slow down when it's time to play

On the other side of the milkyway

They let him go cause he was so bright Like a diamond shining in the night

When he drove down hollywood boulevard Everyone thought he was a movie star

Everybody gave him so much love He didn't want to go to his home above

But all the stars started to cry They want twinkle back in the sky



upLittle Red Dog next

A little red dog was my very first friend

A lot have come and gone since then

Mice and monkeys and kermit the frog

But my very best friend is

Little red dog

I've got lots of little friends that like to cuddle

A chimp that rode on the first space shuttle

A fluffy little bunny that I dropped in a puddle

But My number one pal is "little red dog"

Little red dog you gotta love him

Little red dog he's full of stuffin'

Little red dog cute as a muffin

Little red dog.

All my little friend have special little names .

Like winnie and minnie I love them all the same.

Mickey mouse and pooh bear and kermit the frog

But my number one pal is little red dog

Repeat chorus


upFour Eyes Next

Four eyes are better than two

Four eyes looking at you

Four eyes the things you can do with four eyes

When I first got my glasses I thouhgt they were strange

And all of my good friends were calling me names

But all of those words stopped bothering me

Once I found all that I could see with


Maybe for a minute all those things that I heard

Made me stop and think Am I really a nerd

But all of those names stopped bothering me

Once I found all that I could see with


So take it from me cuz I ain't no fool

People with glasses are cooler than cool

So if someone silly pokes fun at you

Just tell them four eyes are better than two



upI like Pencils next

I like pencils better than pens

I like pencil I'm telling all of my friends

Upon pencils you can depend

I like pencils much better than pens


When I'm writing a letter or maybe a song

And I make a mistake or spell something wrong

I'm glad I chose a pencil instead of a pen

Cause it's got an eraser on the end


When I'm drawing a picture or maybe a sketch

A pencil is the first thing that I go and fetch

I don't have to worry, I don't have think

I always know my pencil won't run out of ink


A pen's o.k. If you sit around and doodle

A scribble or a dribble there's no need to use your noodle

When using a ruler a square or a stencil

A pen's ok but I much perfer a pencil



upRide Ride Ride next

I want to ride ride ride

Ride against the wind

Feel the breeze breeze breeze

Blowin against my skin

To be as cool as a moose

Wading in the tide

When I put my helmet on and ride

Got my first set of wheels

When I was only two

I jumped up on the seat

But I didn't know what to do

As soon as my legs were long

Enough to reach the pedals

I did a wheelie out the door

Oh I should have won a medal


All along the sidewalk

I could shut any body down

Soon my reputation Spread all over town

The kids would come from miles around

Just to watch me race

The day I beat a motorbike

You should have seen my mothers face


By the time that I turned four

I'd outgrown that little trike

So daddy took me to the store

To buy a real bike

He said to pick the one I liked the one I liked was red

I even got a brand new matching helmet for my head


UpThe Man in the Moon top

Sometimes at night when I look up in the sky

There's a funny old man winkin' his eye

If you listen real close you can hear a little tune

Ooh sha-la la-la its the man in the moon...


Every now and then when the moon's just right

Big and round and shining so bright

If you look real close you can see his face

Smilin' with stars in outer space

Ooh sha-la la-la its the man in the moon...


The man in the moon ........doing the thing he loves

The man in the moon.........sending his light from above


Who's that up there big and round

All his light comes shinning down

Listen you will hear the sound

Ooh sha-la-la-la the man in the moon